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Terms and conditions


This page defines the terms and conditions of the website. Meelie Mobile™ is a trading name of Westfield Ventures, Ltd.

To use our service, you must agree with everything on this page.

Our service is only available to those resident in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. If we reject a device sent to us from outside the UK, we are not responsible for the cost of its return.

As a UK company in England, we are governed by the statutory legislation of England & Wales. Unresolved legal disputes must be settled by an English County Court.

These terms only cover the services offered by our website at Websites hosted elsewhere are not covered by these terms. If you are forwarded to or from another website, you are responsible for assessing the terms of the other website.

Your device

Your device must be of EU Origin.

You must be legally entitled to sell the device that you send, this means the device must belong to you and you agree for ownership to transfer to us.

Once we issue payment, it is too late to return your device. You commit to sell your device when you post it.

Your device must meet the description we have agreed. We may reject your device if it has been modified or tampered with in any way that prevents us from processing it.

New devices

A device is new if:

Working devices

A device is working if:

Faulty devices

We accept faulty devices as long as:

Examples of acceptable faults:

Additional accessories found with your device will not enhance its price.


Your device must be on a UK network or not tied to any network. We reject devices locked to a foreign network.


Your device must not have any activation locks or any software that allows remote administration.

We cannot accept responsibility for any data on your device. We recommend that you remove all your data and accounts if your device is working.

We reset devices and wipe their data, but we cannot always guarantee this is possible. You must accept the small risk that if your device cannot be reset, any residual data, at least in theory, is forensically recoverable from your device or its parts.

SIM cards

Do not send us your SIM card. You are responsible for all debt charged to your SIM card. We dispose of any SIM card we receive.

Lost and stolen devices

Do not send us a lost or stolen device. We check every device against a global database of devices reported lost or stolen.

If your device is reported lost or stolen, we are legally obliged to keep it, withhold payment and inform the police.

If we suspect your device does not belong to you, we may withhold payment for up to 28 days to allow time for it to appear on the database.

If we have already paid for your device and it appears on the database whilst still in our possession, you must return payment within 3 days.

You must settle any ownership disputes with the database provider directly. We do not handle your device as long as it appears on the database.


Once we accept your device meets our conditions, we will pay the agreed price and ownership of your device will transfer to us.

The price we offer is the total price inclusive of any VAT or other charges.

High value payments may require photo identification. We will let you know if we require photographic proof of identity before we issue your payment. Payments over £400 will always require photographic proof of identity.

We often review our prices. The price agreed is conditional upon receiving your device within 14 days.

If we receive a device later than 14 days and our prices have changed, we will pay the lowest of the two prices. To prevent such disappointment, we may send you reminders if we are still waiting for your device to be posted.

You must ensure your payment preferences and details are correct. Once we issue a bank or PayPal payment we cannot recall or amend it.

We can reissue an incorrect or damaged cheque if you return it to us. If you ask us to cancel a lost cheque, we will deduct the cancellation fee in the new cheque.


If your device does not meet our conditions, for example, if it is a different model, we will send you a counter-offer with an updated price.

If we want your device, we will offer our current price that matches our assessment of your device. If your device is not wanted, we will offer you £0.

Our counter-offers are not flexible, if you reject our counter-offer within 7 days, we will return your device. If your device is a model that we do not buy, you will need to pay a £25 handling fee before we return your device.

If you accept our counter-offer, we will make payment and ownership of your device will transfer to us.

If there is no response to our counter-offer after 7 days, we will treat our counter-offer as accepted.

Postage & Packaging

Our free Royal Mail Tracked Returns service is only applicable for posting a single device.

Your device must be securely packed to ensure successful delivery. We are not responsible for non-delivery or damage in transit.

We recommend you have adequate insurance against loss or damage in transit. Our free Royal Mail Tracked Returns service includes £100 compensation.

To cover your device for more than £100, you will need to arrange your own postage at your own cost.

Our delivery address is:

Meelie Mobile
Westfield Ventures, Suite 1
c/o TMT First, BAY2
Holditch House
Holditch Road


You can cancel your offer at any time before posting your device by following the instructions in our confirmation email. After we have received your device, you may only cancel if we do not accept your device and issue a counter-offer.

You must reject the counter-offer to cancel, and we will return your device. If you do not respond to the counter-offer, it is treated as accepted.


Our website sends emails automatically during the processing of your device:

If we have not received your device and you have not cancelled:

If we do not accept your device:


We comply with UK privacy laws and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The way we handle your details is described by our Privacy Policy.

We may receive your details from a third party, for example, a comparison website. We are not responsible for any misuse of your details by the third party. We do not send your details to any third party.

We may aggregate non-identifiable statistics from our server logs (for example, browser version, pages visited) to monitor and improve our service. We may send this information to a third party, so we can use their reporting software.


We may suspend our website without notice if we need to. We cannot guarantee our website will be available all the time. We are not liable for any loss caused by unavailability.

We may change the design or implementation of our website at any time, without notice.

We do our best to ensure our website works with all popular browsers. Please ensure your browser is up to date before you report a technical issue.

We built our website with accessibility in mind. You can report an accessibility issue, and we will be pleased to help you.