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Wear and tear policy

At Meelie Mobile we take great care when handling devices as it is paramount to both our customers and ourselves to maintain integrity and value so we can pay out as much as possible. All devices are received in a CCTV controlled area, photographed upon arrival and placed into a protective bubble bag to ensure they are protected whilst in our care.

We believe in 100% transparency and do our best to communicate this to our customers. As well as different prices for New, Used and Faulty devices, we offer 2 prices based on the condition of used devices, which we call Good Condition and Fair Condition.

We appreciate that condition can be subjective, so as well as our descriptions on condition for users to select we have provided below further details and examples.

Good condition

A device is in good condition if:

Often a device may be in great cosmetic condition but the LCD has deteriorated. Most recyclers will instantly class this as a faulty device. We grade the level of deterioration and reduce the value to fair, only classing this as a fault in extreme circumstances where the screen would need replacing. More information is available at

As well as allowing a few light marks and scratches. Consideration must be given to where any marks are, for example, marks on the screen affect the value more than the rear. We also consider what is important to the next owner of the device.

Examples of light wear and tear

Only insignificant markings on the face of the device.
More obvious light marks, but in a less important location.

Fair condition

Above average wear and tear condition can be described as multiple light marks or as little as a single deep scratch. The screen cannot have any chips or delamination but minor ones on the casing are acceptable. Small areas of missing paint on the casing or buttons is acceptable. Any cracks on the device would class it as faulty, in some instances these are not always easy to spot.

Cracked back glass that is visible when light catches it.
A chip where a small piece of the case is missing.
A metallic case with a dented surface caused by pressure or impact.
A scratch is deep if it can be felt with a fingernail.
Paint worn off around the camera housing.

Often devices look pristine when the screen is lit up, but when the screen is off, marks can be seen. A new owner will first examine their device while it is switched off and their satisfaction depends on how the device appears when switched off.

Devices look fine when the screen is lit, but scratches are visible when the screen is off.
Cracked glass.
Gap between screen and case.

Frequently asked questions

My device only has light marks and scratches, why is this only classed as fair condition?

A device can also be classed as fair condition due to the amount of marks or scratches, not just the severity.

My device is fully working, so why does the wear and tear decrease the value of my device?

Used devices are sold at different grades and priced accordingly. We quote as much as we can to be fair to both customers selling as well as buying items, considering expectations on value relative to cosmetic condition.

My device is fully working, so why has it been classed as faulty?

Although a device works functionally, it needs to be intact with no cracks to the casing or screen. In order to be resold, these parts would have to be replaced, reducing the amount that we can offer.

My device didn’t have any wear and tear before I sent it to you

When a device is powered on and in use, wear and tear is not that visible therefore you may not notice that it is there. Many light scratches can also only be visible at an angle and not when looked at directly, see example below.
Scratches are visible when they reflect light.