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Screenburn is a common fault with smartphones and televisions. Sadly, it reduces the value of devices. We want to be as fair as possible and do not like to reduce a quote but unfortunately in some circumstances it is unavoidable. The Meelie promise is that if customers are unhappy, we will return the device free of charge ensuring there is no financial risk for you when trying out our service.

What is Screenburn?

Screenburn is a noticeable discolouration of ghosting of a previous image on a mobile device's display. It's caused by the regular use of certain pixels more than others, causing them to display colours inconsistently. The result is a noticeable impression on the display.

Screenburn example images

Pink discolouration and imprints from an application Shadowing

Can it be repaired?

The only way to fix screenburn is to replace the screen. Some software utilities can reduce the appearance not for very long.

Frequently asked questions

My device was in perfect condition and had a screen protector
Screenburn is an internal issue and devices can still appear cosmetically perfect. It is caused by prolonged use of certain apps, high screen brightness or long usage.
My device did not have screenburn when I sent it in
Screenburn is a deterioration that persists over time, it is not something that is caused instantly. It can be less obvious with a coloured background picture. However, an all-white screen can expose shadows of apps as well as pink discolouration. This is why you may not have noticed the issue with your device.
My device worked perfectly before I sent it in
Screenburn does not affect the functionality of the device, it only affects the appearance and quality of the display.
I can't see any screenburn on the photo you sent me
It is often difficult to capture the extent of screenburn with a photograph due to the reflectiveness of the screen.
Why does this decrease the value of my device?
We want to be as fair as possible and do not like to reduce our offers. We also must be fair to the next owner of devices and consider their expectations on condition and value. The reduction in value will be in proportion to the severity of screenburn and whether a replacement screen is required.

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